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business considerations
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effective lease agreements,
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for your particular situation.

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Superior Lease Clauses
Pugh Clause 3 pack
3 Different Versions of the Pugh
Clause, including Freestone Ryder and
vertical as well as horizontal release
Environmental Protection and
Strongly worded provision to be used
with the general hold harmless
provision.  Superior form.
Hold Harmless
Protects landowner against all claims
of action.  Extremely complete.  
Superior form.
HECI v Neel Form ($10.00)
Requires Operator to notify Lessee of
any pending litigation. Superior Form
Severance Tax Refunds
Written to protect against Coll v Abaco
Operating, LLC case
Retained Acreage Provision
Used in conjuction with or in lieu of
pooling provision, depending on size of
Pooling Provision - Depth
Allows Voluntary Units based on depth
of well.  Superior Form
Allows Lessor to Audit books and
records of Lessee to ensure
compliance with lease provisions
Surface Protection
Superior Form for protection of
surface.  Suggest use in conjunction
with Environmental Protection and