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Superior Oil and Gas Lease Forms
The possession of the mineral rights may be the most valuable asset that a landowner possesses.  
It is essential to negotiate the best oil and gas lease and/or exploration agreement possible in order
to maximize the value of that asset.

Superior Oil and Gas Lease Forms was designed with the mineral owner in mind, but the clauses
and forms have been and will be used by landmen and attorneys who represent mineral owners and
surface owners in oil and gas transactions.

Superior Oil and Gas Lease Forms are strictly publishers of forms and clauses.  No representation
as to whether they may be appropriate for your particular situation is implied.  No legal advice is
offered as a service and the use of the clauses and forms sold here is at your own risk, cost and

Working with a landman who is not representing you can be dangerous.

For example, he will be using clauses authorized to be used by his client, and he may use them
without any of the business considerations that are critical to drafting effective lease agreements
and they may not contain all of the appropriate or necessary lease provisions.

Each provision should be carefully vetted and adapted to the circumstances surrounding the
particular transaction and the parties' relationship.

I can assure you that the landman that contacts you for a lease is not going to develop a do-all,
end-all airtight lease for you.  That action will cause him to lose his ticket (job).

Our business advice on the use of our forms and clauses is this:  If you are not completely confident
and competent to use these forms, then fill them out to the best of your ability and bring them to the
attorney of your choice.  If your attorney advises against the use of any form or clause, follow the
advice of your attorney.

We are like Black & Decker.  We make great tools, but cannot teach you how to use them.