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Q.        Are you an attorney?

A.        No and I do not practice law.  I am an independent business consultant and advisor.  If I feel as if you need legal counsel, I will immediately refer you to an attorney of substance.

Q.        Do you make the decisions?

A.        No.  These are your minerals and you are free to do with them as you wish.  Recently, I advised a client against leasing on those terms, unless he had compelling reasons to do so.  He did, so we completed the business transaction. Another identical situation and the client deferred to my judgment.  Eighteen months later we completed a transaction on his property at quadruple the bonus amount, and a 20% increase in royalty.  Ultimately, the final decision is yours and the leasing company knows that from day one.

Q.        Can you do the same for me?

A.        I do not know.  There are no guarantees in this business.  My guarantee is that you will get the very best from me that I have to offer.

Q.        I know what your rates are, but how much is this going to cost me?

A.        I bill strictly on  a time basis. No percentage, etc.  I even ask for reimbursement of my time from the leasing company.  That does not happen often, but if it does, I apply it to your account and you might even receive a refund.  Typically, for me to negotiate, prepare leases, research the geologic and leasing trends, etc., requires about 3 hours of my time.  The more you ask of me, the higher the bill will be.

For other questions, please go to the contact page and send me a message directly.

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